Friday, April 10, 2009

Eat, pee, pee, Eat, pee, pee, poop, pee...repeat

That's pretty much the routine that cycles every 2-3 hours per feeding cycle. Broken up by the occational bath or some extended wake time where she gets a combination of a baby workout and massage, and a story read from dad (the stories are typically from GM High Tech Performance, or Rod and Custom as they are the ones usually in reach while we are in the living room). The first bath was quite tramatic. I gave her a second bath while mom rested last night. It was going great and I think she kinda liked it...then I picked her up out of the sink and she crapped all over she got another bath but didn't seem to like that one as much. All you can do is laugh! We had a feeding today and I thought she sneezed but Mag said it was from the south pole, not the north...explosive poo is real!! I had a hard time walking back into the living room, and Christina was almost boucing off momma's bouncing lap. It was hilariouls.

We are starting to get the breastfeeding established. Its a tough road. We are giving it a real go, but are not strictly adhereing to the breast feeding nazi regimns. I am helping as much as I can with getting the supplimental formula and other stuff ready, so both of us are up through the night. Rest (not sleep) comes in 2.5 hour intervals.

If you would like to come see Christina, let us know. We are limiting her exposure to groups per docs orders through the spring flu season. She gets sick, she goes to the hospital, period. She has a doctor's appointment Saturday morning so we'll know how she has progressed since leaving the hospital. I may not have previously reported this, but she lost a bit too much weight while in the hospital (I blame that on the breatfeeding nazi protocols, I'm glad we abandoned that and did what we had to do). Her weight loss was border line allowable for release from the hospital, so a visiting nurse came to the house on Monday. Her stats had stabilized, but tomorrow's office visit will be the true telling of her progress. I'm sure she is fine, I think she is getting heavier, and she already outgrew one of the sleepers we have for her.

Grow baby! Grow!

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The Commuter said...

Loved the story. I laughed hard and long. The same thing happened to me a long time ago but it wasn't a bath. She did it all over the crib, clothes, wall, hair you name it. The worst thing about it my wife was just pulling out to go somewhere and I had put the caulk insulation on the windows and I couldn't open it to yell at my wife to come back. I saw her drive away and I started crying and my daugther had the giggles from watching me cry.
Write all down so you can tell her later.