Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updated pics and a new vid

We had a nice Easter weekend. Mag spent a good portion of Saturday resting. I managed to get out on the bike between feedings for an hour and a half. It was my first ride as a dad, and the bike I chose was quite fitting...a fixed geared road bike. This bike is actually one of my fav's to train on. A fixed geared bike cannot coast, the pedals always move (I do have a front brake for emergencies). This also means that it only has one gear. Riding it is kinda like always moves forward, and when approaching a hill, you got what you got, there's no changing gears, you just gotta man up and git'r done...and sometimes its hard, but in the end its always fun! I think its very befitting that I unconciously chose to ride this bike as my first ride as a dad.

In addition to the 'exercising' and massage that Christina and I do, Mag is reading to her, so she's getting her first doses of nursery rhymes. Mag also started her on supervised 'tummy time'. Its great for developing neck strength. Now don't get all bent outta shape, we aren't on some sort of super baby development program with all these 'scheduled activities' to promote development, we just love playing with Christina, and it just works out its good for her too. Enjoy the recent photos and the short vid of some 'tummy time'.

The mechanics on the parenting front are starting to come together. We are getting the hang of her communication and moods, as well as NASCAR style diaper pit stops. Ya, you gotta be never know...seems like she's got that poop chute locked and loaded with a hair trigger. So if you don't want to be doing laundry every day, you gotta be fast. We also had another (sponge) bath today, and that went very well. I'm anxious for the rest of her chord scab to fall off, then its real bath time! Git out the rubber duckies!

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Steve and Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! What a cutie. I've got to get over there this week. Would Friday or Saturday be good.