Saturday, May 16, 2009

New addition to the bike family

So my buddy Gary moves to Tennessee from Ohio after getting a huge education in bike building from one of the best. He has perfected his art and makes works of art that you can ride. So I picked one up. Gary built the frame to my specs after alot of discussion back and forth, and I added the parts to make it a complete bike. I really like the result! Christina's name is in script on the chainstay, so every time I lube the chain for a ride, I'm reminded of why I am. Gary's line of bikes "Justice Madison", are named after his daughter...This daughter thing is catchy...

I think the bike looks killer, and it rides like a dream.


The Commuter said...

Nice looking bike, single speed?
The commuter

PisgahWorks said...

Hope you like your Justice Madison as much as Denny likes both of his. Fast Machines.